• 1. All kinds of factors which will restrain SPYSRO’s servers from providing service constitute a crime. Right of SPYSRO suing anyone doing an act like the things above is reserved.
  • 2. Particularly discrimination of language, religion and race; all speeches, discourses and declarations including ethnicity arguments which are done for discrimination are subjected to crime.
  • 3. Any swear, insult and slander towards a person or SPYSRO administration are the reasons of punishment.
  • 4. All legal obligations, which may be consisted of insult or against-the-law discourses towards third persons in game, on forum or our social media websites, are under responsibility of the person who says.
  • 5. In game products that you will buy via our product-selling site doesn’t mean that you won’t get any punishment. Whether you have bought a product or not does not mean that you’ll violate the rules.
  • 6. Advertising another server or website in game, on forum or our social media websites is forbidden.
  • 7. Using any bug in game is forbidden. Players who use those bugs and does not inform the administration although they have known will be punished.
  • 8. Since there is not any security gap in SPYSRO systems, all character and account security is under control of only you.
  • 9. On any possible character and account theft, SPYSRO administration will not perform any intervention and give your character back to you.
  • 10. Again, as It is declarated in 8th Article, since there is not any security gap in SPYSRO systems, all in game trade security is under control of you.Item theft in game trades, purchasing and selling are in responsibility of you and SPYSRO administration, according to leading case in SPYSRO Membership Contract’s 9th Article, will not provide any intervention.
  • 11. In possible in game frauds, as It is stated in SPYSRO Membership Contract’s 8th, 9th and 10th Articles, punishment of gippers is under the initiative of game administration and not necessary. But, SPYSRO can permenantly ban players who fraud players or join this act in a roundabout way pursuant to its own initiative.
  • 12. In the process of registration, filling the membership informations correctly is in responsibility of you. In case of forgetting your password, because e-mail address that you have written in the process of registration will be used during the password retrieval, writing e-mail address correctly is in responsibility of you.
  • 13. Any kind of complaint, bug notification, fake declaration that will cheat the game administration will be subjected to punishment.
  • 14. Product selling in SPYSRO is done via 'paywant.com' which is the official product selling website of SPYSRO. Other possible product sellings are in responsibility of you, SPYSRO administration cannot be impeached in frauds.
  • 15. Any information, campaign or announcement published apart from SPYSRO’s official website does not concern SPYSRO administration and SPYSRO does not declare the truth.
  • 16. As It is stated in SPYSRO Membership Contract’s 16th and 17th Articles, SPYSRO’s official websites are; -Official game website: SPYSRO.com -Official forum website : joymax.org
  • 17. E-mail addresses of SPYSRO administration are created as @SPYSRO.com. As any authorized in SPYSRO administration will not ask you to give your password, losses that can be appeared by fake e-mails cannot be demanded by SPYSRO.
  • 18. For communication of judicial and official institutions, SPYSRO’s contact informations have been registered on Datacenter.
  • 19. Towards possible in game situations, because 'joymax.org', which is our official forum website, is official in-game communication agent, any complaint, denouncement, request, suggestion etc. that you will create a topic on the correct category will be viewed and replied by administration in between 1 and 7 days. Viewing and replying is under the initiative of SPYSRO administration.
  • 20. In SPYSRO games, official media organs and forum websites, administration can penalise a player or person, who are supposed to be punished according to SPYSRO Membership Contract , in willing hour, day, month or year under the initiative of themselves.
  • 21. As It is stated on SPYSRO Membership Contract’s 22nd Article that punishments can be deleted with possible objection and personal initiative.
  • 22. In the situation of possible punishing, players who are acting against the SPYSRO Membership Contract in game will be punished of limited or limitless chat block and login block.
  • 23. As It is stated in SPYSRO Membership Contract’s 24th Article that given punishments are based upon declarations in forums and evindences. Also, authorized people can penalise a player against a situation which is against the rules without submitting an evidence with their personal initiatives.
  • 24. As It is stated in SPYSRO Membership Contract’s 20th Article that SPYSRO administration will provide information for your possible judicial processes. Because Character Log files are renewed and deleted periodically, SPYSRO administration will provide those current files in case of demanding.
  • 25. All articles of SPYSRO Membership Contract can be changed or new articles can be added to the contract in case of demanding without being published before.
  • 26. The services and products that SPYSRO users buy are in the scope of instant delivered properties and these services and products are not subjected to right of withdrawel from sale and provisions of usage of this right as part of Consumer Protection Law - No: 4077 and Regulation on Application Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts. Users/consumers accept, declare and promise this aspect.
  • 27. Due to being instantly performed deed quality of any products and services which are bought by users/consumers as part of SPYSRO games, on usage of these products and services and receiving benefits from them, SPYSRO is not responsible from factors and harms arised by users/consumers’ fault. All the risks arising by usage of any production and service provided by SPYSRO and achieving this usage because of the qualifications written above completely belong to users/consumers themselves. According to Regulation on Application Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts, contracts which are related to instantly performed services on electronic environment and instantly delivered goods to consumers are not subjected to provisions of right of withdrawel and usage of this. Because of this, in SPYSRO, there is not any refund under any condition. SPYSRO administration, under the initiative of themselves, can change the PIN codes with another one on the demanded server when buying PIN codes from wrong servers or PIN codes not working properly, but SPYSRO does not have any obligation like this and buying from wrong servers is completely users/consumers’ fault and belongs to users themselves.
  • 28. All players who join, register on SPYSRO official website 'SPYSRO.com', SPYSRO official forum website 'joymax.org' and all media organs and play SPYSRO are counted as accepting this contract.
  • 29. As It is stated in SPYSRO Membership Contract’s 31st Article that against all deprivations arised by not reading this contract which is counted as accepted, SPYSRO administration will counted the articles have been read and throw out your claims.
Server Stats
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  • Exp Rate 25x
  • Sp Rate 25x
  • Level Cap 100
  • Mastery Cap 330
  • Version v1.4xxx
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